Saturday, 17 November 2018

the whole chapter!

hi. welcome back! i have finally finished the first chapter. i have also started chapter 2 but that will be for a later date... here is what i have so far...

The doctor left reluctantly and McGonagall turned to Dan.
“Daniel,” she began
“Call me Dan” replied Dan in a grumpy voice
“Alright. Dan, as I'm sure you know, you are going to start your new school in two days’ time.” Two days! That meant that Dan had spent a whole night in the hospital. He ignored this fact and carried on listening to Mcgonagall.
“You would be attending your local school, Peterwood grammar school.”
“What do you mean ‘would be’?”
“Well, you are not like your friends from your primary school.” Dan already knew that. He was the smartest in the class and had an extremely high IQ. Peterwood would only accept the most intelligent people in the country. Nobody else in his school had the capability to be accepted by Peterwood.
Dan explained this to Mcgonagall and she looked at him and smiled as if she had heard a terrible dad – joke and tried not to be rude to not laugh.
“Well, you see, that isn’t exactly what I mean. I know that you are exceptionally intelligent but what I mean is rather different.”  Dan looked confused and Mcgonagall used the same trying-not-to-be-rude-about-a-dad-joke-smile.
“Have you ever done something that you can’t explain? Something that anyone else can’t do?” now that he thought about it, Dan has remembered times when he was angry when he had done something that was almost magical. He was, however, a logical person and figured out all of the street magician’s tricks when he was five. He knew it was all fake. Yet he still enjoyed it very much. He nodded his head in response to the question and Mcgonagall continued.
“This may come as a shock to you, but… you are a wizard.” Dan stared at her blankly before breaking into a smile. He had seen lots of cartoons with wizards shouting stuff like ‘abracadabra’ and ‘hocus pokus’. He had also seen ‘lord of the rings’ about twenty times. He couldn’t quite imagine him shouting a bunch of random words and saying ‘you shall not pass’.
“I don’t know many tricks” said Dan, laughing “but I can definitely make this grape disappear!” he giggled, putting a grape into his mouth. Mcgonagall’s face was solemn.
“This is no joke” she said very clearly and slowly. Dan was still laughing. Suddenly, the jug of water by his bed started floating into the air he opened his mouth as he waved his hands above and below the jug. There were no strings. He looked up at Mcgonagall who was doing that trying-not-to-be-rude-about-a-dad-joke-smile.

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