Friday, 2 November 2018


GUYS, LISTEN! terrible news. basically, my annoying parents have stopped me from using the Nintendo switch!!!😱
this means that i can't do my passion of filming! you guys need to reply what i should do. please reply ASAP! also, the more comments we get saying that i should use the switch again, the better. if we get enough support, we can prove them wrong and get the switch back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
right, the second terrible news is to do with the popular game "FORTNITE". although i have almost everything against it, i know it will help my channel out a lot and get me more popular on YouTube if i play it. yep. that's right, my parents haven't even let me play fortnite. it looks like a lot of fun and also, like i said before, it will help my channel out a lot. so you need to comment and tell my parents that i need fortnite. all i need is just a sentence or two. PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE!!!
seal out.


Dan's brother said...

You should not be allowed to use the Switch.
i,m annoyed when you use it.

But you should definitely play Fortnite.

Rebecca Beesley said...

Ahem...even if a million people say you need fortnite you really don't.

The Brilliant Chef said...

i need fortnite so i can get more subs