Saturday, 3 November 2018

park run and 24 hrs

hello again! it is 52 sleeps until Christmas and i am sooooo excited. i am writing at about 8:30 and my brother is going to park run soon. i can't be bothered to run so i am going to a coffee shop instead. tomorrow, i am going to have to go to jr. park run because i have done 11 runs, meaning i have done a half marathon and i get a wristband. my sister got hers before me by one week and my brother got his ages ago because he loves running. if you wants to see my park run videos, click here for the first one or here for the second.
or you can see them here:

OK. so it is now 2 hours later at 10:30. i have had my hot chocolate and bacon and sausage roll. it was yummy. er... i do know more descriptive words than that but i'm just a bit tired today. i am about to upload a video and can be found on my channel.
or, it can be viewed here once it has uploaded:
Christmas is just around the corner and i know most of us are really looking forward to it. i was filming a Christmas video but it kinda went wrong. leave a comment telling me if you want to see it on YouTube, the blog, or not at all. thanks for your feedback.

next, i would like to tell you about my next video idea (you will have a sneak preview.) and that idea is of a 24 hr challenge. the only trouble is, i need your help and suggestions. i have a lot of boxes so maybe a 24 hr box fort? but i need you to comment and tell me what to do. all suggestions will be read and acknowledged. thanks again,
seal out.


The Brilliant Chef said...

the only problem with a box fort is that there isn't many places that i can do it in my house...

Rebecca Beesley said...

How about a 24 hour challenge of helping your parents and tidying your room. Great idea right?

The Brilliant Chef said...

no. that is not a good idea