Monday, 12 November 2018

my story!!!

OK. so as you may know, i am writing a harry potter story, and, the first chapter is almost complete!!! here is what i have so far...
sorry, it's quite long

I was trapped. No freedom. The walls closed in on me, trying to crush me to pieces. I fought against them, trying to push them back to their original position - it was no good. I heard a loud crunch and had a painful realisation that I broke my arm. My leg was trapped also. Once again, I tried to fight against it. But another crunch told me that my leg had been obliterated. Pain spread across my body as I fought, once again, for freedom. But too whole body was hugging the moving wall. I didn’t have time to hear the crunch of my skull crushing or the squelch of my brain turning into mash.
A million miles away, a boy woke up feeling like every bone in his body had been crushed.

James was an ordinary boy in an ordinary town. Or so he thought. In truth, however, he was extremely special. He was, without knowing it, the greatest dark lord of all time. Forty years ago, a boy named Harry Potter defeated Voldemort. In that desperate rush of Voldemort about to die, he, once more, created another Horcrux – a young girl in her second year. Her name was Eva Faring She survived until she gave birth to her son where she died after one look at her son –Daniel. This meant, however, that Daniel was a Horcrux and was in fact, part of Voldemort.
Daniel did not know that he was any different from the rest of the world for many years, 11 of them in fact. He had long, brown hair and had a lot of friends at his primary school. He was very bright and the top of his class by far. Daniel’s dad – Jack Faring, was a Muggle and did not appreciate magic at all. The only reason why he married Eva was because of the amount of love he had towards her. Jack did not wish to tell Daniel what he was until the time came and the ‘’time’’ he realised was very near.
Dan was not at all happy that the end of the holidays was in just a week’s time. He was going to go to secondary school and was not looking forward to it. He was unaware that his life would change significantly in the next few days.
The next day, a letter arrived informing them that James’ uncle Philip had died. Dan somewhat felt happy about this as he had always had a strong dislike toward Philip and wishing upon his departure for a long time. Dan then realised that his dad was his only family left. His nice aunt Katy always gave him sweets when he visited but unfortunately died in December last year. Dan had no cousins and no siblings- he only had his dad, now. Jack was also pleased that his brother had gone because Philip was always trying to injure jack anyway he could, even after they became adults. “Just a laugh” he used to say.
A couple of days later, Jack and Daniel went to an old mine a few miles away. It was interesting to find out that people used to believe that a certain type of rock kept away witches. The same rock would send out sparks when smashed, which the tour guide said would show them soon. Another man walked into the same room, wearing a mask round his mouth. Dan smiled slightly and realised that the man looked like a bandit. Daniel watched the tour guide, who was still talking about the rock, unaware that the bandit like man was here for one reason- Daniel. He was watching Daniel listen to the tour guide. The tour guide pulled up a hammer. The bandit man pulled out a stick. The tour guide raised it high. The bandit man pointed the stick at the ceiling. The tour guide smashed the hammer down onto the rock, releasing sparks which died away quickly. The bandit man took his opportunity. “CAUSA SATANI!” he yelled. Dan realised that this meant “explosion” in Latin. Why would this man shout it?
What happened next was absolutely extraordinary. A flash of red- purple light snaked itself up to the roof of the mine and exploded. The noise was deafening as a large pile of boulders came crashing down, missing him by an inch. The masked man cursed under his breath and disappeared. Dan happened to be watching this and saw him disappear. The strange thing was, he didn’t disappear out of the door, as in run away, but literally disappeared right where he was standing. Dan was so shocked; he almost missed what happened next:
For a moment, everyone was silent, and then a loud rumble made everyone around him shriek and scream. The first boulder smashed into about twenty enormous tanks of oil. The second boulder, however, was arguably more destructive than the first; it smashed into the opposite wall, causing the old- fashioned gas lamp, causing it to fall. What happened next wasn’t rocket science- people were already darting out of the door as the second explosion of the day was heard Dan was pushed up the stairs as if he were some sort of worthless crate. The terrified people flooded out of the mouth of the mine as it were vomiting humans. Dan looked around to find his dad. At that point, he had thought the event was somewhat fun, but he had questions. After five minutes of searching, a painful realisation that his dad was not there flooded through Dan. He ran down the stairs that he was fleeing from just a few moments ago. He already felt like a snowman in an oven. He then found a tunnel that was set alight. He rounded a corner and saw the pool of boiling, fiery oil. He felt his eyes watering, and not just because of the smoke and heat. The crackling of the fire seemed to stop- everything was muffled and quiet. He was only just able to hear the screeching sirens of the fire engines. He couldn’t cope. He threw himself onto the burning wall. His face was submerged in tears. He felt his legs give way. He was falling… falling… he was unconscious before he hit the ground.
Dan woke up in a room which he recognised as a hospital. He had only ever been to the hospital when he had broken his wrist when riding his bike. He had to stay in hospital overnight and got it fixed when he was put to sleep with a special injection. He sat up and rubbed his face. He realised that it was heavily bandaged. He also realised at that moment that it was not fake- it was all real. A doctor walked past and noticed that Dan was awake. He hastily turned on his heels and Dan saw him whisper to a nurse who was walking past who turned around and walked away. The doctor came in and took a seat next to Dan’s bed. The name Dr. Robert Jordan was on the doctor’s badge. The man was tall with short blond hair and a handsome face. A moment later, the nurse came back, allowed an old woman to walk in and went off on her duties again. The woman that came in had a badge which read “visitor: M. Mcgonagall”
The doctor looked up at Dan and said “I expect that you'll want the truth.”
“Don’t bother.” Dan replied “I already know. My dad was stuck in the fire and I went after him but it was too late.”
“Well, not exactly. He went out another entrance. By the time he got to where everyone else was but you had already re-entered. He went back after seeing that you weren’t there and, well…”
“Yeah.” Said Dan coldly. “Wait- how do you know this?”
“Someone there saw everything, the-“
“They saw everything, but didn’t bother to help!?” said Dan, trying to keep his voice steady.
“Look, Dan, it’s not like that…”
“YES IT IS!” he bellowed “don’t tell me what happened or didn’t happen! He’s my dad! It’s all your fault!”
The doctor opened his mouth to speak but Mcgonagall interrupted him
“please may Dan and I have a word alone, doctor?”
 can you guess who it is based on?
as in, can you guess who the main character is based on?


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this is SO good! I'm so excited and intrigued by reading it. Well done!!!

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thank you