Friday, 2 November 2018

reintroduction - starting again!

Hi. my name is Dan, as i'm sure you know i haven't updated this blog in years but i have now started a YouTube channel and i decided to use this as a way of telling you a bit more about me when i'm not gaming or doing vlogs. basically, this is like talking to you in a bit more detail about my life. you tell me what you want to see on my channel and this blog.
now, i'll tell you now that this blog is just to reintroduce myself as i know that not all of you are from my YouTube channel. you could also say that this website is where you can come to if you want a sneak preview of my videos 😉! for example, right now, i'm recording a minecraft film... i hope it will be good. (fingers crossed🤞). my film will be split into parts, kind of... those of you who are keeping up with the doctor who series, well, i'm doing something like that, kind of a series of short films. i hope that made sense.
OK, now, time to reintroduce myself. my name is Dan. some of you may know me as the Beesley Gaming person... er... well, my family call me "seal" because of something a little kid once called me... so now you can refer to me as either "Dan", "Seal", "Beesley Gaming person" or "Cringey video person". Honestly, i don't mind what you call me but that is what other people call me. see? you wouldn't have found that out if you hadn't read this blog.
now, if you aren't from my channel, i will ask you to check it out, and also, please share it with your friends and family, you know, to spread the word around so people might find something that they like to watch. thank you.
now, this i also for those of you who aren't from my channel, but here is one of my favourite videos: it was absolutely disastrous and disgusting. click here to watch it. or you can watch it here

OK. now, today is the 2nd of November. one month and twenty three days until Christmas... i have already made a Christmas video that should hopefully be uploaded sometime in December. obviously, i have more than one Christmas video but they have not been recorded yet. my plans will go forward...😈. uh.. that makes me seem evil... err...
i'm sorry for all the writing, it's just that there is so much to tell you.
also, i am writing a Harry Potter book (i love harry potter!) and i have written a little bit of it. once i write a bit more, i will let you read it...

thank you sooo much for reading this blog. it makes me happy to know that you read this blog and i really hope you enjoyed it.
once again, thank you!
Seal out.

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Rebecca Beesley said...

Great video. Welcome back to blogging.